About Us

Green Branch is an Oakland-based children's library dedicated to social and environmental justice. We provide books, audiovisual materials, and programming for children and youth of all ages, and their families and educators, in a dynamic and accessible networking hub. We have existed as a pop-up reading room and community space and are currently working to create a bookmobile that will share materials and cultivate radical thought among young people around the Bay Area.


Our primary goal is to foster a movement of youth civic engagement and community activism.

Our secondary goal is to increase literacy success inside and outside of schools. We provide access to culturally relevant and socially meaningful books to engage students who are unmotivated by their school's standardized curriculum. Studies show that children engaged in the books they read have improved literacy scores, and also increased civic engagement.

Green Branch is a dynamic space that takes the traditional model of a public library, open to all, and infuses it with new life for a new generation of readers. It is a simple idea with a potentially major impact: igniting in children an interest in books by providing culturally relevant reading materials, strengthening existing activism, and inspiring young activists to engage in their communities.

Green Branch provides access to books and programming whose content reflects the diversity of the Bay Area's youth population and expands children's knowledge of the global community. Recognizing that everyone brings unique experiences to the library, we learn from each other in this safe space for dialogue.

We provide three key resources:

1. A wide range of books, journals, and audiovisual materials addressing issues of social justice, the environment, and community organizing, chosen with today's urban youth in mind.

2. Ongoing trainings, workshops, resources, and tools that support and foster youth activism for progressive and radical social change.

3. A warm and inviting central meeting space, conducive to brainstorming and networking, which acts as a hub enabling a new generation of community change-makers to flourish.

Issues that we cover include:

* Ethnicity, identity, immigrant life, Diaspora, and assimilation.
* Anti-racism
* Environmentalism, animal rights, and stewardship of the Earth.
* Tools for activism, community engagement, and movement-building.
* Feminism, LGBT rights, civil liberties and other current social movements.
* Globalization and global human rights.
* Building healthy, smart growth communities: exploring alternatives in health, transportation, industry, finance and government.
* Prison-industrial complex, capitalism, militarism and other oppressive forces.
* War and peace studies.

We welcome:

* Youth of all ages and their families and care-givers.
* Home-schooling and un-schooling communities.
* Classroom field trips.